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              Isleworth Station                       455 unit at Hounslow             Clapham Junction from above
                Isleworth Station                                                                        455 unit at Hounslow                                       Clapham Junction from the air


First Group announce new trains for Waterloo suburban services

Today (20th June 2017) First Group have announced they are to order £895 millions of new rolling stock for the Waterloo suburban services, including the Windsor Lines. The order has gone to the Canadian company Bombardier, and will be assembled at Derby. The order will be a mix of 5 and 10 car units, a total of 750 carriages, making up 90 units. They are single class and have a maximum speed of 100mph, though where they will ever reach this speed on the lines they are to used is a bit of a mystery. They are of the "Aventra" design, which is hopefully an improvement on the previous "Electrostar" design. The WLPA have already met with the new franchise operator and we stressed that trains would be better with corridors throughout. We hope they will take this on board, despite the initial artists impressions on the press release. 

The new franchise award was announced 28th March, 3 weeks earlier than planned, perhaps in the hope it will be overshadowed by Brexit news. The WLPA are already contacting the new franchise winners to arrange a meeting. The franchise has been awarded to First Group (a Scottish bus company) and MTR (a Hong Kong railway company) for 7 years.  

Further details of the new franchise improvements at www.firstgroupplc.com/southwestern

The March 2017 edition of "South Western Roundabout" has been posted or emailed to WLPA members. Join us now and you can receive a copy.

MEMBERSHIP costs only £4 per annum. The new franchise  was due to be announced on 18th April 2017 (see above). Now is a good time to influence the future franchise holder of the South West Trains franchise. For further details please email membership@wlpa.co.uk.


See also our information pages on the introduction of 10 car trains on the Windsor Lines and a farewell to the South London Line.

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Updated 21st June 2017