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WLPA aspirations
The aspirations differ from our Aims And Objectives in that they are specific points that we campaign for. We revise them on a regular basis to take account of the ever changing transport system.

Provide a half hourly Sunday service all day on the Hounslow and Kingston loops.

 Provide four trains per hour between Twickenham and Teddington on weekdays.

 Have a radical look at the Guildford-Ascot service. The final solution should provide a faster service from Frimley, Camberley and Bagshot to London with more through trains.

 Introduce additional early morning departures from Reading. This is to encourage travel at the fringes of the peak.

Provide some faster trains from Reading to London to improve travel times from Sunningdale, Ascot, Martins Heron and Bracknell.

 Provide later trains leaving Waterloo between midnight and 0030.

 Press for the reinstatement of the planned 2328 to Windsor and the 2350 to Reading.

 Maintain the interval service through out the day and also the “whole line timetable” with good connections.

Provide Whitton with a more even balance of its four trains an hour to Waterloo.

Open all of Waterloo International to allow for projected growth and longer trains.

 Retain guards on all trains.

 No commercial TV advertising to be installed on trains, though CCTV is welcomed.

 Reinstate route numbers.

 Address the problem of overcrowding in the peaks, including 10-car trains on all Windsor line routes.

Provide TVMs that offer all “turn up and go” fares to all destinations, including “add-ons”.

Ensure that it is easy for everybody to obtain tickets of their choice.

 Provide an infrastructure maintenance regime that will allow for a reliable seven day week timetable

Reinstate the four tracks from Clapham Junction to Waterloo and the disused platform at Queenstown Road Battersea

Lengthen station platforms to accommodate longer trains.

 Make Vauxhall a step free transport hub.

 Consider how to provide a human presence at all stations. This could include renting out facilities to commerce or for private residence.

Reinstate the double track entry to Reading station and the underpass to the FGW side of the station. Ensure that the re-signalling at Reading allows for this.

 Provide rail access to Heathrow from the South without compromising the existing rail services, including the existing pattern of good connections.

Provide a National Rail Card for all age groups.

 Provide cheap day return fares after 0930

 Protect the alignment of the fourth through track at Twickenham station.

 WLPA COMMITTEE (updated Mar 2012)

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